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The world of Miniatures isn't a new thing. History shows miniatures where used for play as well as for learning tools. Many, many generation have enjoyed, created, and passed on these amazing treasures for thousands of years.  Dollhouses emerged from being a teaching tools for young ladies to items to show wealth and prosperity. Today, the miniature world has captured more than just the children's interest, it has also captured the imagination of adult collectors, production studios, and gamers as well. This hobby/art form has a place for everyone. The interest may range from those that mainly like to be creative with their hands just for fun of the craft. To those that design, build and sell their creations for millions of dollars.  We are a shop that specializes in refurbishing, "breathing new life" into forgotten treasures. The miniatures will be used for display, workshops and the occasional sales.  The museum's content will be rotated occasionally to intrduce a wide variety of styles, sizes, and eras.

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